Conference Rooms only for Tenants or also for Strangers?

Stone Lounge Meetingraum

1. The Availability of Conference Rooms

The availability of conference rooms at Workflow is a crucial factor. Whether you are a tenant at Workflow or not, you can use the conference rooms. An innovative booking tool is used for this purpose, making the booking and utilization of the rooms simple and efficient.

2. Workflow’s Booking Tool

Workflow’s booking tool is user-friendly and allows both tenants and external companies to reserve conference rooms as needed. It provides a transparent overview of availability, prices, and booking times.

3. Flexibility for External Companies

External companies that are not tenants at Workflow benefit from this flexibility. They can book conference rooms as needed and based on availability, without having to commit to long-term obligations. This is especially advantageous for business travelers or companies that occasionally require meeting rooms.

4. Service and Amenities

At Workflow, it’s not just about providing conference rooms. The service also includes amenities such as high-speed internet access, professional technical support, and the option to use catering services. This contributes to the smooth running of your meetings and events.

5. Conference Rooms for Special Occasions

Workflow also offers conference rooms for special occasions such as conferences, seminars, and training sessions. These rooms are well-equipped and can accommodate large groups. The flexibility in booking applies here as well.

6. Exclusive Benefits for Tenants

Tenants at Workflow enjoy additional benefits such as preferred booking options and special terms. This is an incentive to stay permanently in Workflow’s office spaces and make use of the diverse services available.

Book your conference room at Workflow today and experience top-notch facilities for your meetings and events. Whether you’re a tenant or an external company, our flexible booking options are available to you. Take advantage of our innovative services and amenities for a seamless meeting experience. Reserve now and elevate your business meetings to the next level!

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