Diverse Opportunities in Coworking

Community Kitchen

1. Free Movement throughout the Area

Unlike a traditional desk-based workplace, coworking allows members to move freely throughout the work environment. This promotes creativity, collaboration and informal exchange.

2. Use of Lounge Corners

Coworking spaces often offer cozy lounge areas where members can work or share ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. These areas are ideal for informal meetings and relaxed work hours.

3. Shared Kitchen

Most coworking spaces have a communal kitchen that allows members to prepare meals. Not only does this encourage social interaction, but it can also be cost-effective and convenient.

4. Use of Conference Rooms

A major benefit of coworking spaces is access to well-equipped conference rooms. These rooms provide the necessary infrastructure for formal meetings, presentations and workshops.

5. Various Products

Coworking spaces offer various membership and product options to meet different needs:
Private Office:
A dedicated, lockable space for individuals or teams.
Flex Desk:
A flexible workspace in a shared area.
Fix Desk:
An assigned, fixed workspace for individuals.
Daily or Weekly Tickets:
Short-term use with no long-term commitment.
Business-only address:
The ability to use the coworking space address as a business address.

Yes, most coworking spaces offer the option to rent conference rooms by the hour or day as needed.

Contract terms can vary by coworking space, but some offer flexible monthly membership options.

Answer: Yes, many coworking spaces offer technical support, which can range from fast internet to IT services.

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